Our intention is to answer questions and solve customer problems using automation to allow you to scale with the number of customers!

We use design thinking approach to create a chatbot for you.

This methodology gives us an opportunity to create a chatbot that will yield you a significant value, based on the satisfaction of your customers’ needs. We fastly learn what they want and give it to them.

Deep analytics helps you to understand customer behavior. It means we can predict what they will want to buy in a while. The same thing as Netflix or Amazon use, if you know what I mean 🙂

Our Services
Automate a Lead Generation Process

We create different scenarios of the conversation flow and pick the best match.

Customer Support Automation

At the end of this stage, you get a chatbot that is already functional and ready for testing.

Deep Analytics

We analyze your business process by learning users’ behavior and predicting actions they may take in the future.

Increase a Customer Loyalty

Good loyalty – Happy Client!
Happy Client – Happy Boss 🙂

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Concept Creation

We analyze your business model, targeted audience, and goals you have and develop a chatbot strategy.


We create prototypes, multipurpose bot templates, command-based chatbots, advances virtual assistants with NLP and NLU.


Possibilities for marketing inside a chatbot are rapidly growing, and we take the full advantage of them to help you personalize your sales, create engagement and keep your audience warm.


Thanks to ML-driven analytics, chatbot ongoingly yields insights, which we use to improve both marketing and technical parts.

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Clear analytics. NLP and NLU. Integrations. Booking. Payment. Customer support!Let's Make a Magic!
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Recent Blog

Marketing + Chatbot: we will talk about how to create a sales funnel inside a chatbot, how to use design thinking to better understand your customers, which books, courses and other resources we found useful for learning and working in this area (Nastya's notes).