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We combine marketing, psychology, and tech to develop a smart approach to every customer, which doesn't need 24/7 human involved anymore.

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What We Offer

Concept creation

We analyze your business model, targeted audience, and goals you have and develop a chatbot strategy.


Technical part depends on your individual needs. We create prototypes, multi-purpose bot templates, command-based chatbots, advanced virtual assistants with NLP and NLU.


Possibilities for marketing inside a chatbot are rapidly growing, and we take the full advantage of them to help you personalize your sales, create engagement and keep your audience warm.


Thanks to ML-driven analytics, chatbot ongoingly yields insights, which we use to improve both marketing and technical parts.

The Way We Work

We use design thinking approach to create a chatbot for you.
What does it mean? We will explain!
This methodology gives us an opportunity to create a chatbot that will yield you a significant value, based on the satisfaction of your customers' needs.
We fastly learn what they want and give it to them. That's easy!
Let's take a look how it works in details :)


At this stage, we analyze your business processes by learning users' behavior and predicting actions they may take in the future.


The goal of this stage is to define the problem by answering such question as "who is your user?", "what is their deep unmet need (that chatbot can solve)?", "what kind of insights we can get?". .


Ideating means generating as many ideas as possible, coming up with the additional questions about your customers' needs and answering them. We create different scenarios of conversation flow and pick the best match. .


Relying on the scenario we chose at the previous stage, we can build a prototype of your chatbot. It means that at the end of this stage, you get a mini version of a chatbot that is already functional and ready for testing.


At this stage, it's time to test the prototype of your chatbot that is based on the ideas we selected during brainstorming. We love the quote of Tom Kelley, an author and general manager in IDEO: “Fail often so you can succeed sooner.”

So at this point, we aren't afraid to fail because that is what testing is for - by failing or succeeding we make sure that we picked the right scenario during ideating.

After all these stages, you will have a fully-functional chatbot. You may have a question: "So what is after?". Well, after you see the result, you may want to make your chatbot more human-like and have a full-fledged chatbot marketing strategy! No worries - we will be here to help you with it :)

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Web chat


  • Clear analytics
  • NLP and NLU
  • Integrations with:
    • CRMs and CMSs
    • Google and Microsoft services
    • AI solutions
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